Downtown Transit Center Improvements Project

Modesto Transit Center Renderings_Page4_Image1The City of Modesto is planning a remodel, rehabilitation and upgrade to the historic Southern Pacific railroad station currently being used as the Downtown Transit Center for Modesto Area Express (MAX), Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) and others.

Funding has been secured from multiple sources, including the Federal Transit Administration, Transportation Development Act and the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. Transportation Development Act is budgeted to fund $4,593,540 and Federal Transit Administration is budgeted to fund $1,004,371 for a total of $5,597,911.

Historic Resource Report (PDF)

MilestonesDone Editing

  • October 19, 2020 - Landmark Preservation Commission approved project
  • November 2020 - Final Federal Transit Administration approved project
  • July 2021 - Bid Released
  • November 2021 - Construction Begins
  • December 2022 - New Facility Open

No meetings currently scheduled.

Planned Improvements

The improvements will encompass most of building and site upgrades outside the building.

Building Interior

City of Modesto Transit Center Interior Improvements MapThe building interior involves the most substantial part of the project. The improvements focus on improving safety and security in the public spaces by improving the following interior features:

  • Expanding lobby area and allow an open lobby space.
  • Relocating and remodeling the public restrooms.
  • An electronic LED board showing real-time route information and other notifications will be installed in the main lobby for passengers.
  • Changing the access to the Greyhound customer service counter, and installing a security desk.

Transit Operations Contractor Space Expansion/Remodel

The Modesto Area Express (MAX) operations center on the south side of the building will be expanded to accommodate more operations and dispatching space. Also, a third restroom will be added to meet the needs of the drivers.  The HVAC units for the interior will be inspected and replaced if needed to accommodate the space.

Building Exterior

Modesto Transit Center Exterior Improvements (Click for PDF)Several projects are planned for the exterior of the building.

  • Exterior repair and paint
  • The existing west arcade will become part of the expanded public lobby. Also enclosing of the arcade with storefront glass and provide (2) sets of doors to exterior.
  • Additional lighting will be installed on the building including string lights to trim the roof of the buildings.  Also, new up-lights to wash building walls, and gooseneck lights or individual bulbs to word Southern Pacific will be added.

Facility Exterior Spaces

The exterior space at the Transit Center site between I St and K St will be improved to provide a better space for waiting passengers.

  • All signage at the facility will be replaced.
  • Markers installed at the end of each bus bay and on top of the curb to prevent buses from going beyond it.
  • The width of the exit into the J and 9th Street intersection will be expanded
  • The public address system will be replaced with a new system, including speakers, wiring and base system to include announcements and music.
  • The video surveillance system will be replaced with a new system and new cameras. Additional cameras will be added to improve visibility of the building and grounds.
  • Refurbished landscaped areas along 9th Street and all globe fixtures and light poles will be replaced with more efficient LED down-light fixtures.
  • LED message signs added to provide more information to passengers.
  • The project includes the replacement of all curb ramps to meet ADA compliance.